It seems you can’t visit a bar in Pub in Australia without being surrounded by pokies, usually they are found in the back through a seemingly quiet door or passageway, on first glace it may look like an empty room as you never see people enter or leave it but then you go through an are met a with a huge room full of different machines and a;ways at least several people playing. I always found it easy to chat to people when they are having a fun bet. Ofcourse as with any gambling establishment there are bound to be a few problem gamblers, they are easy to spot as you will come back a week later and they are still glued to the same slot, I feel more could be done to prevent problem gamblers both in the UK and Australia, for example mandatory ID cards to play games with loss limits/time limits etc.

Generally I find that the average person is happy to talk to a pom who is just there for a bit of fun, after all if you are playing pokies with the midset of it being a wise investment then you are playing it all wrong, pokies are horrendous value even for a gambling machine. Pokies in queensland, for example. have a minimum RTP of jusy 87%, meaning for every $1 paid in just 87c needs to be paid out in the long run, this is pretty bad value and your money won’t last long. So always do your research before playing!

Exclusive Aussie $350 Bonus at Mr Green Casino!

The amount of online casinos nowadays is staggering but with great choice comes a lot of bad choices! There are a lot of rogue casinos with bad terms or casinos that straight up won’t pay!

My Current favored casino is Mr Green (see link above) they take Aussie players and most other countries world wide. Rather than write a ludicrously long review I’ll just give you a few bullet points of why I play there.

  • Great responsible gambling policy (you can exclude or set deposit limits easily)
  • $350 signup bonus release over first 3 deposits
  • multiple software providers so you get well over 1,000 games with more released weekly
  • free spins frequently as a loyal players
  • high rollers get big bonuses with no WR
  • VIP days out for big players
  • support via phone and live chat

Who Else?

For my other recommended casinos I highly advise an account at bet365, they recently started taking Australian players as I’m sure you are aware! thanks to the Sam Jackson campaign 😉
If you want the biggest bonus visit this site! You get a $200 sports match as well as bonuses on their 3 different casino sections! (Casino/Vegas/Games)

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Words of Warning

Always read the terms of any casino before playing, every casino has different wagering requirements on bonuses, some even have a ‘max bet’ rule which means you can only bet a % of your bonus on each spin!

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